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The strange circumstances surrounding Ebony’s untimely death will obviously take a long time time before it erases in our subconscious minds.

I term it ‘strange’ owing to the many interpretations and conspiracy theories which were spun in the aftermath of her death and just when it thought the issue has finally been put to bed, Brella pops out of nowhere to ‘intensify’ it.

Brella is a Rufftown signee; the dude who featured in Ebony’s viral Hustle song. According to the budding artiste, his former record label was killed…PERIOD!

The young artiste took his turn on the Late Night Celebrity show to make this revelation:

As we all know Ebony death is not natural. She is not the only person who uses that road but her greatness was just cut short.

It was a very huge blow to me. No one expected it. It was a shock.

Ebony Reigns died on the Kumasi-Sunyani road after visiting her mother in February 2018.

She died together with bosom friends, Franky Kuri and Francis Atsu Vondee who happens to be a soldier.

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