Many people hire domestic help in order to get a helping hand at home especially when there are a lot of duties and house chores one needs to attend to. Many house helps have reportedly been arrested after their owners found out about an evil act.

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Pope Junior has taken to his page to warn people who employ domestic help for their house. He gave this warning after sharing a bad news to the public what his house help did to his dog. The actor revealed that his househelp strangled his dog to death while he and other members of the family were out to have a family time.

“My Wife’s Instincts Recently Did Not Allow My Wife Leave The Kids With Her…….. Who Knows , Maybe She Was Practicing…….. God Forbid. What Actually Is Wrong With These Domestic Helps , No Matter How Nice You Are To Them ; Them Go Still Do You. This Same Domestic Help Conspired With My Cleaner Who Stole Bowls Of Egusi Soup And Stew From My Refrigerator. Everyone With A Domestic Help BE CAREFUL, Open Your Eyes ; Mind How You Leave Your Kids With Them ……Them No Get Joy”.

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