Honestly, I am tempted to believe that our politicians don’t really care about us one bit. Or just maybe I don’t understand how government works but then again I realized that is not about governance but common sense.

Before yesterday I posted images of a death trap in an area called Suame Kot)k) which I know government precisely Member of Parliament of The Suame Constituency, Hon. Kyei Mensah Bonsu is waiting for someone to die before the needed attention is placed right.

Fast forward, yesterday was on my way to town and I decided to use the same road and see if the said incident is being attended to with all seriousness. On my way to the scene, I realised that not even a single road in the Suame constituency is good. Even animals are not expected to use such roads how much more we human beings who end up paying taxes to this so-called honourables yet they act as if we are animals. One might say maybe Hon. Kyei Mensah Bonsu is not aware about the said issue but then he does remember his car loan allowance right??

As a Development Planner/Architect/Quantity Surveyor he should know better and do the needful as people of Suame are not taking this as a reward for being voted to parliament for over 24 years.

Source: Ghgossip.com

I knew where i wanted to go and now am HERE.!! Proud Daddy Of One 😉

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