JJC Skillz and Soso Soberekon have locked heads on social media after they jabbed each other over their stands on the recent happenings in Nigeria.

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The disagreement started when shared a photo with former president Goodluck Jonathan and added a prayer emoji

JJC Skillz could not understand Soso’s post and wrote : “4 what?”

Soso replied him and wrote: “Because he is far better!! Don’t forget your wife campaigned for APC & Buhari and they still betrayed and disgraced her. Think about it bro.”

JJC also wrote: “Get your facts right. My wife never campaigned for your friend. You’re just being defensive because you join chop Nigerian money. So Abegie Sharappp there. #thiefnathief.”


Soso decided to resolve it and wrote “No need for insults, your HUSBAND Funke is my friend except I for post the video evidence. Gigolo.”

JJC Skillz replied: “@sososoberekon my masculinity is not in question. You’re diverting. Promoting and elevating a person that looted our nation. You got paid and now probably want a position abi. And just incase you don’t know my story. Guy let me make it clear. I’m a king that found a queen and we built an empire. CLEAN MONEY. Can you say the same about yourself?”

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See screenshot below:

JJC Skillz and Soso Soberekon drag each other over their political affiliations
JJC Skillz and Soso Soberekon drag each other over their political affiliations



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