As a result of COVID-19 in South Africa, the yearly traditional Zulu Reed Dance took place for the second year in a row.


On Saturday, only 37 maidens were summoned to a sized ceremony at the Zulu monarch’s royal residence in northern KwaZulu-Natal to mark 37 years of the festival.

King Misuzulu KaZwelithini, the next Zulu monarch, is honoring his parents’ contributions to the preservation of the traditional Reed Dance. In 2021, both of his parents died of Covid-related ailments.

The maidens lit candles in honor of King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekizulu and Queen Manthombi Ka-Sobhuza Zulu, who both passed away recently.

The Royal Reed Dance is an annual ceremony that honors the nation’s virgin maidens while also celebrating and integrating the Zulu people. Against the backdrop of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, this cultural practice aims to reduce the spread of the disease by fostering a respect for young women who swear to remain virgins until marriage.

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In other news, a Nigerian Catholic priest has lashed out at the organizers of the BBNaija reality show citing that the show is used to promote nudity and promiscuous behaviors.

The priest identified as Fr George Ehusani Lux Terra Chaplaincy posited that the Eye sign of the BBNaija is demonic and has links with the signs of Lucifer. He added that it is not right to watch the pornographic content they show and still make it to Heaven as a Christian.

He made the disclosure on Sunday whilst he delivered mass.

In his words: “You cannot be openly watching porn and expect to make heaven.”

“What is Big Brother and what are the ideas portrayed there? What exactly are young people learning from that show.? I want to tell you all right now that the Eye sign of big brother is an evil sign and it’s known as the lucifer sign.


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