A popular trotro passenger started the new month on a wrong foot following the devastating moment a trotro mate put him through in the early hours of the morning.

According to @Nii Akrong, a facebook user, he boarded the trotro (public transport) from Madina, a surburb in Accra to an undisclosed location. After alighting from the bus, he realised that the conductor(mate) had tricked him by giving him 50 rupees instead of 5ghs as change.

Fuming with anger, Nii threatened to beat the hell out of the trotro mate wherever he sees him.



Reporting live from Accra #iwillbeatsomematebiaa pls madina trotro car number Gn-3318-09.
Dear fellow trokians please i will beat the mate of that trotro wherever and whenever i find him.

He gave me 50 rupees has 5ghc laa and it was only cash plus the 1.50ps change he added.
didn’t see it till i alighted but i make fast and memories the car number… hmmm after my rounds in Accra today am going straight to madina station.

See image below;


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