A Nigerian road user has survived a near-fatal car accident in Iyana, Iba in Lagos.


A video shows the boot and back tires of the car hanging in the air after the car had veered off from the road and dropped into an eroded sideway.

Onlookers were amazed to see the car had capsized in that manner, however, fortunately, there were no casualties as no one was reported dead. The video has sparked mixed reactions on social media.

Reacting to this,@walebwe wrote; `Problem with Nigeria roads is that no speed limits no police to check mate drivers. The police are after 50 naira they can collect from drivers.

@officialbobbyfrederick wrote;`Some accident u go see u go ask yourself how come😩😩😩…thank God no one died 🙏

Watch the video below;

Away from this, a pastor of a church has taken spirituality to another level as he was captured leading his church in brutal warfare with Satan himself.

The unidentified preacher during deliverance service in church performed a stunt all in a bid to end the life of the devil as he slashed the devil and his ‘enemies’ with a cutlass.

In the video, the pastor may have realized that the anointing oil and handkerchiefs is not stopping the enemy from tormenting their life so he had to resort to cutlass to end him once and for all.




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