The marriage between young Nigerian actress Regina Daniels and businessman cum philanthropist Ned Nwoko still remain a huge debate among Nigerians on various social media platforms.

Their marriage sparked a huge controversy after many accused the mother of Regina Daniels, Rita Daniels of allowing her teenage daughter to marry an old man because of money.

Their age difference is 40 years, however, as the saying alludes, age is just a number, the couple claims they have found love with each other.

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Speaking to Kemiashefonlovehaven, the 59-year-old billionaire opened up about his marriage life and reiterated the fact that he is a devout Muslim, therefore, he wields the choice of marry as many women he wants.


The astute politician who is married to five women claimed that his action is based on the tenets of the Islamic religion.

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“Allamdulilai, Hon. Ned Nwoko is of royal blood and he is entitled to as many wives as he desires.

He is no kid and knows what is best for him. Don’t forget that he is a devout Moslem and he is entitled to more than a wife.

He would not want to comment on Regina Daniels currently.”



  1. When the world is getting to the end many things will be happen saith Jesus Christ our Lord, God have mercy

    • Hey Regina, u got the best by taking Muslim as ur partner.plz, enter Islam as far as u can.May God of Abraham bless ur union

  2. This lockdown is the one that is going to kill all Nigeria people not Corona virus again because everyone is fed up stay home with out food to eat.


    Bill gate and other planner of covid19 into Africa and Nigeria in particular they are already fail,GOD, our GOD will always fight our battle for us ijn.

    • I don’t understand. What did bill gates do to you or do you envy big people?

  4. Regina you can do what ever you want after all it’s your life enjoyed it anyhow you want it sweetie…only Gods know how much I love you because you are real

    • After all the madness you are displaying now on earth,if you miss heaven and land in hell, you will regret you are born

    • To be honestly age is just a number as many had said. Love can fall anywhere, also love is like grass can grow anywhere too. So ppl let’s just deal with our lives and let others enjoy whatever they can.

      • Regina my best actress it is your choice. Don’t listen to them. You know what is best for you, so enjoy you life.
        Please my sister Regina, I what to be an actress, please help me.

  5. Why will one tk paracetamol 4… someone heache? 9ja, please let them b go do what you think is best for you. I raise my case!!!!

    • I'm very happy for you Regina. Enjoy your marriage. Reply

      Am very happy for you Regina. Enjoy your marriage as it last.

  6. Let the gal regina Daniel be dats her life style ,y us African like minding other people ‘s business

  7. Johnnie Daniel Reply

    After all Celine married Rene as a teenager. Pls people, don’t meddle in other people’s happiness. Congrats dear.

  8. Enter your comment here..Just let her be because its her life and she knows what’s good for herself… Criticizing one on matters like these are only done here. Move out of Nigeria and you’re gonna see it means nothing to them

  9. I Believe u married for love
    Well it’s God’s will I must say
    Happy married life……..

    Pls help me in any way u can
    Dis lockdown is affecting my parents
    Pls am also ur age mate bt God blessed you cause ur lucky 😔😔😭😭
    So I ask for ur assistance 😭
    God bless you and your family😊

    Obioma Rosemary
    Zenith Bank

    • Mueezat Olamide Reply

      Abag pls Regina Daniel my love may God continue to bless ur union,
      Pls i need ur help assist me with any amount this lock down is from another world pls help ur girl
      Sadeeq Mueezat Olamide

      • 💰 money Reply

        Regina during this lockdown me and my family are sufring so please help us with money this is even my friend’s phone

  10. Everything happens for purposes…let it be, the choice is in ones’ hand…dont judge peoples result without knowing their history…she had seen before chosen for herself𒊹︎︎︎𒊹︎︎︎𒊹︎︎︎

  11. Now that u have the best choice by getting married to Muslim man, plz submit ur self to Allah-creator of heaven and earth.stop exposing ur private parts. Islam has the best for u in all ramifications. Allah love u indeed plz, spread Islam, welcome to the way of Abraham

  12. seriously u married him um not bhad doe but u are not up to twenty~ two 4 a man of 79 daniel*i love u but dis is not my plan 4 u………………


    Regina, u can’t be blame becos u choose the man of ur choice. Move on and enjoy every aspects of ur life.

  14. Evangelist William Reply

    I am sure this is not her decision. She was coerced into it. Firstly her parents must have been very ignorant. They were blinded by two demons, deception, and ignorant.
    They have been Altogether deceived.
    The forces against her is the same force that forcefully took Learh of Migeria.

  15. Kansiime sylivia Reply

    It’s amazing , we all have plans but God is our final decision maker

  16. all am afraid is you mission heaven Regina sweedie,

    and please i want to become an actress please help me

    • You’re a fool and a bastard so mean she won’t mk heaven bcos she’s a Muslim? Christians 😤 when will y’all have sense and worship your Jesus in peace. SMH

  17. It’s so unfortunate how depraved and empty and blind humans can BE even when the Salvation of the Lord through JESUS CHRIST has revealed and announced and still been announced… Come on out of darkness all you sinners and unbelievers and COME TO THE RIVER OF LIFE… AND RECEIVE SALVATION FROM SIN, SATAN AND EVERY DEAD WORKS OF AND IN THE FLESH… HALLELUJAH

    • Donas, thanks for your boldness in Christ Jesus. Truth is truth and cannot be erased, the things of this world fades and will soon pass away. All these are vanity. Accept Jesus as your saviour, there’s no other way.

  18. This is bizarre. But there is only one life to live. Live it wisely.

  19. Act 12:4 And there is salvation in no man else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.
    It is only through Jesus Christ of Nazareth that a man must be saved. No other name except He alone.

    God bless you Donas

  20. regina pls help me with some money our family is need of money just for foods and house rent pls help me , GOD BLESS U AND KEEP U LONG IN JESUS AMEN acct number 0824626529 janet morris acct name accesss bank

    • Rachael davies Reply

      And you seriously think she’ll help you? I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even know this article exist. But Good luck anyways.

  21. MartinVal Brymo Reply

    Everyone has his/her own ways of doing this,,, Regina Daniels is no more a kid so she has right to marry whosever she loves

  22. Rachael davies Reply

    Who else noticed that the heading of the article is totally off point? It said ” why I married 19-year old Regina Daniels, billionaire Ned Nwoko finally opens up” but its talking about “Actress Regina Daniels Denounces Christianity and her Billionaire husband, Ned Nwoko speaks on his religion and why he has a battalion of wives” 😕

  23. Well I don’t know why Nigeria people’s always put eye in other people business in USA a man of 60 year married young age of 19 it depends choice those people that complain don’t have any job to do life is choice true you live your life the way you want ok

  24. Enter your comment here..hi Regina I have always loved your action in movie am 14 years old and am a huge fan of yours and am a writer I want to publish them but my parents can’t afford it pls help me with whatever you have.
    Fidelia chioma Uwaoma ,Acct no:2213529004,zenith bank.

  25. MUKWEVHO Victor Reply

    She is an adult so let’s respect her decision, just worried about the too much publicity of their marriage, this is just flouting of money

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