Do you remember that small boy from Wizkid’s concert which took place in December 2017 where he was spotted singing Wizkid’s songs to the delight of the crowd?


Wizkid was very impressed with the little boy who was identified simply as Ahmed and promised to sign him to his Starboy Record label. “I will sign you to Starboy, from today you are my artist. I will first give you N10 million to start off and clean up, and we will record,” he said to a crowd who were sharing in the joy of young Ahmed.

“This isn’t me blessing the young man, it’s him blessing me. I have been asking God for a young talent to sign, so this is the answer to my prayers,” Wizkid said.

Ahmed raps in two languages, Yoruba and pidgin English. Three years down the lane we have not heard anything from him, musically and how’scoping with his newfound fame. It’s likely Wizkid could not fulfill his promise although the last time he was called out on this same subject, he insisted he has put Ahmed in school and ‘got his back forever.’



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