A leading member of the National Democratic Congress and former MP for Gomoa West, Ama Benyiwa Doe says she was literally booted out of power by the New Patriotic Party as they splashed the cash to take the seat from her.

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The Gomoa West Constituency was a stronghold of the NDC until 2004 when Ama Benyiwa Doe was defeated at the elections by Kingsley Hackman of the NPP when she was aiming her third shot as an MP for the area. Speaking in a fresh interview, the outspoken politician said the NPP resorted to use money to get her out because she was vociferous and strategic.

‘Yes, that was the debut of NPP trying to come back into politics so they were pushing money into people to contest those NDC members who were vociferous and so my place was one target. They targeted and won,” she told Citi TV in an interview.

She then competed in the elections the following year and lost against the same candidate which ultimately made all of them aware that the NPP will monopolize the seat for a long time, a situation which also made her bow out of politics temporarily.


‘I was not even interested in going again but because the NPP had virtually taken over, our people were not interested in coming and I was forced to go because I wasn’t going to leave the place vacant and I went and lost. But in party politics and democracy that’s how it is. By then the NPP had become aggressive and they had introduced ‘moneycracy’ let me put it that way.

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There were a lot of pushups in money and things like that. I wouldn’t say that politicians use money…now it’s becoming clear from what I’m hearing from the Primaries from our opponents but I’m telling you that for the three times that I won elections in Gomoa, I didn’t use money,’ she emotionally recounted.


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