Recently, Sarkodie pooh-poohed the popular cliche which says, ‘money is the root of all evil.’ According to him, it’s rather the lack of money which triggers all sort of evil machinations.

However you look at it, money is what makes the world go round. Music is a lucrative venture which has enriched some musicians who could have otherwise ended up crawling within the school of hard knocks.

Not all musicians have been fortunate to trade their talent for money; and when it comes to raking money as far as showbiz is concerned, there’s no definitive formula.

These artistes in our write-up are the most highest paid based on the enviable brand they successfully built for themselves plus other investment and commercial activities which bring in huge returns for them.

They follow no particular order though;

#5. Shatta Wale

Dude often brags about his wealth and vast properties on social media which annoys lot of people.

The truth is, he truly represent what he flaunts. Shatta Wale is the highest earner in the music circles. He has won several local and international awards. He’s also the brand ambassador for Storm Energy Drink and Guinness Ghana Limited.

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