Fortune has a way of smiling at us and for Mr. Eventuarry it came at the time he least expected it.


The Takoradi-based Taxi driver melted the hearts of netizens with his weird mode of communication in the Queens language and his distinctive laughter which he calls the ‘MONEY LAUGHTER’.

His ‘exploits’ caught the eyes of the producers of Makola vrs Kejetia TV series andthey soon hooked up with him to join the cast.

And now, the funny man is flying out of the country for the first time and the broad smiles written all over his face show what this means to him.

In a new video circulating online, Mr. Eventuarry is seen looking dapper in his outfit alongside his baggage as he got ready to enplane.

We actually don’t know what he’s going to do outside or his destination but ultimately we know someone facilitated this move for him on the premise of his funny demeanour.



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